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Outer Banks Motels

Outer Banks Motels was bred out of the need to find hotels quickly and easily to vacation in the Outer Banks with Outer Banks Motels... We Believe that the Outer Banks Motels are the most beautiful and peaceful beaches in the country please enjoy your vacation there. You can choose between four different zones to view hotels in. The Further Down the Islands you go the less populated it will be so you can choose your grade of commercial or non-commercial.

 Outer Banks Motels by Zone
Northern Includes- Duck, Corolla, Southern Shores, Kitty Hawk
Nags Head- Obviously includes Nags Head and also Manteo
North Shores - Include Waves, Rodanthe, Salvo, and Avon
Southern Shores - Include Buxton, Hatteras, Frisco, and Ocracoke

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Outer banks motels

The Outer Banks is located off the eastern shore of North Carolina and present the perfect opportunity to get away from it all without being too far away. You will find the perfect combination of relaxation and local shops to have some fun. You also have the perfect opportunity to find eat local seafood that has been caught by local fisherman. In 2010 The Outer Banks played a pivatol role for the supply of seafood after the oil spill in the Gulf. The Outer banks picked up supply for a portion of the nations seafood. The Further Down the islands you go the more remote you get. When you reach the end of the Outer Banks Motels in hatteras you actually have to take a ferry to Ocracoke instead of being a bridge. You can even find wild horses on Ocracoke Island one of the only places in the world left. The Outer banks Motel is also rich in History so be sure to visit many of the Museums which are scattered throughout the islands.

You should also take a day at the Outer Banks Motels to go through and visit some of there world famous light houses. The Cape Hatteras light house is popular not only in the Outer Banks but in the entire world. This light house can be seen just outside of Buxton Nc and is the light house that is the Spiral light house. So take some time and go around the islands to visit the lighthouses of the Outer Banks.

The beaches change as you go down through the Outer Banks Motels. Make sure you visit different towns in different locations... Even 5 miles down the road the beaches and the tempature of the ocean can be different. If you do not like a lot of waves you can always visit the sound which sits on the other side of the islands. The sound is basically the ocean without as much current because it sits between the island and the mainland. You can find lots of different fish in the sound but also a calm smooth quiet sound.

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Outer Banks Motels

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